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General Terms & Conditions

for bookings at the Hotel Turmhof
Johanna Köckeis-Grüner
Josef Schöffel-Straße 9, A-2352 Gumpoldskirchen

The general conditions for events and room reservations at Hotel Turmhof Josef Schöffel Straße 9, 2352 Gumpoldskirchen (hereinafter called "Hotel" ) are part of the contract of orders placed by you (hereinafter called "guest"). Owner of the Hotel Turmhof is Mrs Johanna Köckeis-Grüner. Any other conditions of the guest are invalid. The "guest" submits to these conditions as well as all applicable commercial law and regulations and accepts by signing the liability for compliance.

Cancellation individual bookings / short-term bookings:
Free of charge until 72 hours before arrival. After that, the full 100% logis costs will be charged.

Cancellation group bookings:
Free cancellation of rooms for up to 7 weeks before arrival.
Up to 4 weeks before arrival 50% of the agreed fee of all unsold rooms will be charged.
For a cancellation within 4 weeks before arrival 75% of all unsold rooms will be charged.
The number of booked rooms 1 week before arrival will be binding and will be charged 100% of the price.

Cancellation events:
Free cancellation up to 7 weeks before the event. After that, the room rental/lodgis will be fully charged.
If it is possible to convey the appointment, the room rental/Logis is credited.
Number of participants: The number of participants is binding one week before arrival.

We are pleased, to make hotel staff available to the guest after 24 clock. This will be billed - € 40.- per hour.

If the guest plans music during an event, we ask to do the necessary filings with AKM on time and personally. Local night rest periods must be observed!

Food and beverages brought youselfes:
Bringing food and drinks in public spaces and facilities of the hotel for consumption, is not permitted. Exceptions may be made with the extra approval of the management.

Equipment / Decorations:
The guest is obliged to inform the Hotel of intended installation of decorative materials or other objects and obtain the consent. The meeting rooms must not be damaged.

Termination by the hotel:
The hotel has the right to terminate the contract at any time without notice for any reason if
1) the reputation and security of the hotel are at risk
2) Agreed payments are not made
3) The event impedes the smooth running of the hotel
4) The rooms are subcontracted without the knowledge of the hotel  
5) Acts of God.
The guest is not entitled to claim damages.

Reservations must be reconfirmed by authorized and authorized signatories. These persons are jointly and severally liable for the fulfillment of all agreements with the hotel.

Objects brought and Valuables: In case of loss or damage to objects brought and valuables, the hotel is not liable. Any special insurance has to get even by the organizer. Valuables can be deposited in their own safes free.

Prices: All prices are in euros, including all taxes; valid until further notice.

Deposit Policy: After setting a group booking / event, we need at least 30% payment of the expected turnover, but no later than 3 weeks before arrival to our bank account at Raiffeisen Bank Regional Mödling IBAN AT 363 225 000 000 421 008

Invoices are payable immediately without deduction. In case of default, we are forced to charge 4% above the respective bank rate and additional reminder and collection fees. As jurisdiction Mödling is agreed.


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